Stump Butch Yoda

Win a prize if you have a truly unique SG idea

ASGA Executive Director Butch Oxendine has been researching and analyzing student governments for nearly four decades. That doesn’t mean he’s smarter than you—it just means he’s been around and seen it all. He rarely hears about or sees a brand-new idea or program done by SG. He has worked with thousands of student governments, conducted research, read their newspapers, helped amend their constitutions and structures.

If you’re working on an issue, program, or service that you think is completely unique, never been done or tried—try to stump Butch Yoda. He’ll be honest. If he’s never heard or seen it, ASGA will mail you a nice prize. If he has, we’ll send you a quick report of those other institutions. That will save you having to start from scratch!