ASGA Will Conduct Research for You.

ASGA-Member-Logo-Bronze_150pNeed to know what other Student Government budgets are? Structure? Activity fees? Election turnout? Compensation for SG officers?

ASGA conducts research for members at no charge (for most requests). Just ask! Non-members pay $400 an hour.

Hundreds of institutions usually respond, which gets you the data you need.

Start the Research Process

1Fill out ASGA’s Research Request Form below.
ASGA reviews your request and will e-mail if we need clarification.

2Your Request is In the Queue
ASGA is constantly conducting research, so you will have to be added to the queue. We’ll get to your request as quickly as possible.

3ASGA Gathers Responses
ASGA will keep you informed of progress and will present the results in a final report. This whole process usually takes two to four weeks from start to completion.

4ASGA Posts the Results
If the information is not confidential, we will post it in the SG Database so any member can benefit in the future.


I just wanted to thank you again for this survey. I made the presentation last night to the Board and they were impressed with all the information we were able to collect. Next month our Student Trustee will be asking our Board to support a $5 activity fee. This will help out so much since this year our AS budget was $0. They had to beg borrow and steal just to provide minimal services. Thanks again!Jennifer Ounjian • Senior Academic/Student Services Manager • Contra Costa Community College District

■ ■ ■

Thank you so much! This is great information and will help us a lot with structuring our own RHA on campus. ASGA has been such a great asset for us and we look forward to bringing our students again to the National conference in the fall.Ann Rivera • Assistant Director, Student Activities Coordinator • Minot State University

Past Research

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