ASGA Supports SG Advisors.

ASGA-Member-Logo-Bronze_150pThank you for your service, SG advisors!

ASGA appreciates and understands the critical role advisors play in creating effective and influential Student Governments across the nation.

FACT: A competent and committed advisor almost always makes the difference between a truly effective and influential SG and one that is floundering without direction, purpose, or influence.

ASGA is here for you as an advisor

  • Find Fellow AdvisorsFind out if other advisors across the nation have the same workload, experience, and compensation. Get contact info, educational background, job descriptions.
  • ASGA Advisors Facebook GroupConnect with other ASGA advisors nationwide.
  • The Advisor’s Role
  • Advisor Certification — Get academic credit and can become “certified.”
  • Ultimate Advisor BibliographyNearly every article, book, or research report produced on the subject of advising student organizations.

Ask the Advisors

Get advice from some of the nation's greatest SG experts and advisors.

Advising a Student Government is a challenging, and often underappreciated and uncompensated, undertaking. And most advisors come into their positions with little to no experience.

Need help in understanding your role? Need advice on how to better serve your SG and its members?

ASGA has recruited some former Student Government leaders, current advisors, and student affairs professionals who are the nation’s best and are committed to helping you answer any SG advisor questions you may be having, such as:

  • What is the typical workload of an SG advisor?
  • Should I, as advisor, be expected to sit in on every SG meeting and attend every event?
  • Is it common for SG advisors to be compensated above and beyond their regular pay?
  • Are there any national standards for how SG advisors should interact with their groups and members?
  • Is it common to have a full-time SG advisor?
  • Are there any schools that have multiple SG advisors?

All ASGA members get regular access to “pro-bono” advice from veteran advisors who are adept in SG-related issues.

Members can ask a question to the advisors panel, and one or more of the panelists will respond within 48 hours.

Advisor Resources

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