SG Toolbox

Don’t Start Over from Scratch!

ASGA-Member-Logo-Bronze_150pThere’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Use these ASGA resources to improve voter turnout, get more publicity for your SG, recruit more members, get students to care about your SG, learn your current strengths/weaknesses, and more.

Assessment Tools

Take these two ASGA tests to determine how good your SG is and where you have room for improvement.

Effectiveness Test

The SG The-SG-Test-Logo_175pEffectiveness Test will quantify your SG’s strengths and weaknesses. When you complete the 13-question test, you will have a score for your SG. This is your chance to finally find out how yours stacks up against the best.

Before you start boasting, even the finest SGs have lots of room for improvement.

You must be an ASGA Member, and be logged in, to access the SG Test and its related information.


Test Your Administrators

Find out just hAdmin-Test-Logo_175pow SG-friendly your college or university really is and how you can improve that relationship.

You must be an ASGA Member, and be logged in, to access the Administrator Test and its related information.


Recharge My SG

Perfect if you are reforming your SG, forming a new SG, or just need help getting your organization back on track.

Start Over or Reform

Recharge-SG_200x200How to Jump-Start My Student Government

Is your SG struggling? Are you having trouble recruiting members? Are you unsure of what your role is on campus? If so, you’re not alone.

Many Student Governments, no matter the size or type of institution, are either dormant or are struggling badly, marred by low attendance in boring meetings, poor participation in elections by voters and candidates, and a lack of real purpose beyond throwing parties, impeaching each other, and spending student fee money.

Most students don’t care about their Student Government. Many don’t even know they have a Student Government on campus.

It’s time to reboot and start fresh with a new plan to make your SG more effective and successful.


Great SG Documents

Templates & More

Great-Docs_200x200_01Are your SG documents strong or a mess?

Compare your documents to SGs at similar institutions, see templates for constitution, bylaws, and election codes, and get examples of great documents.

Great SG Documents lets you search for any type of Student Government document you need.


Step-by-Step Guides

ASGA has developed step-by-step guides to help you improve your Student Government on everything from how to make students care about your SG to surveying your students to how to improve your SG Web site.

How to Make Students Care

No mSig-Programs_200x200ore excuses about students being apathetic!

This guide will teach you how to make your SG relevant.

Most students don’t care about their Student Governments, and many don’t even know that SG exists. It’s time, once and for all, for you to develop services and programs that will make you well-known by nearly every student on campus.


How to Get What You Want

Get-Want_200x200_01This 6-step guide will help your Student Government get what it wants.

It’s one thing to have an idea. It’s a whole other matter to turn that idea into action and into change that improves the campus environment for your students.


Better SG Meetings

Better-Mtgs_200x200_01You don’t have to settle for poor meetings anymore!

ASGA offers many resources to help you reform and enhance your SG meetings, including workshops, Webinars, templates, how-to videos, and meeting critiques.


Training & Transitioning

SG-Training_200x200_01Being good at anything requires lots of practice.

It’s no different with Student Government. Your SG should be training members throughout the year. This section offers many training resources including retreat templates, workshops, and facilitation services, training manuals, and transitioning guides.


Publicity & Marketing

Publicity-Marketing_200x200_03Getting attention for all the good work that your Student Government does must be a priority.

You must develop a marketing plan that will make students notice and care about your SG.


SG Finance

Budgets-Finance_200x200_01SG leaders need to be able to manage money.

This ASGA resource will help you be a good steward of those funds entrusted to you.

What are typical student activity fees? Are there best practices for what to fund and what not to fund?


SG Election Resources

SG_Elections_200x200Your SG election voter turnout is proof that you truly represent students.

So a top goal must be to increase your voter turnout. This resources will teach you how to get more candidates to run, when to hold elections, how to market the elections, and how to avoid election snafus.


Surveying Students

Surveying_200x200_01Find out what students really want from your SG.

Until you survey your students, you won’t really know what they need or want your SG to work on. This resource will teach you how to survey effectively.


SG Salary Survey

SG-Salary-Survey-Logo_150pShould SG leaders get paid?

What percentage of SG officers are compensated nationwide? What is typical compensation? Does compensation get more students to serve? Find out the answers to all of these questions and see how your SG ranks nationwide.


SG Discount Cards

HSG-Discount-Card_front-backow to create an SG Discount Card for your fellow students.

When you help them save money, your students will pay attention to your SG and appreciate you more. An SG Discount Card is the most common “signature program” produced by SGs nationwide.


SG Web site Tune-up

SG_Web_Tune-Up_200x185_03Your Web site is your SG’s face to the world.

Is yours useful? Is there any reason for anyone, including your own members, to visit your Web site?

Here’s what every SG Web site should include.


Power Check Up

Power-Check-Up_200x200_01Help your SG learn about, gain, and use its powers.

What power does your SG have? Where does it come from? Can it be taken away? Learn how to use it effectively.


ASGA Webinars

SG Training Without Traveling!

Webinars_200x185_01ASGA offers free Webinars regularly to ASGA members.

These one-hour Webinars are free to ASGA members and usually are led by members of ASGA’s great speaker team.

Sign up for upcoming ASGA Webinars, or stream previous Webinars at your convenience.

Previous ASGA Webinars

If you’ve missed any of ASGA’s previous Webinars, you can view the following in their entirety.

Suggest a Topic

Have an idea for a future ASGA Webinar? Write



ASGA Social Networks

Get involved in ASGA’s social networks for members and advisors. ASGA maintains several social network resources for Student Government leaders and advisors:

ASGA Advisory Council

Advisory_Council_200x200_02You share our vision. You understand the importance. You know that this organization is special. You’re totally excited about ASGA. Now you personally can take your enthusiasm to another level by joining our ASGA Advisory Council.

Each year ASGA recruits 20 super-excited SG leaders nationwide to serve on the ASGA Advisory Council.

ASGA needs 20 Advisory Council members right away! Apply today.

What is the Advisory Council?

It’s a panel of ASGA supporters that gives helpful opinions, feedback, and advice so we can make ASGA better.

We frequently ask for Council members’ opinions on ways ASGA can improve. Council members suggest new features or services we can add for fellow members, clue us in on trends, and advise us on where to focus on SG research projects.

Council members can write articles for our Web site and official publications. They help with research and spur discussion and debate on the ASGA Social Networks.

Advisory Council Members Get:

  1. One free registration to ASGA’s National Student Government Summit in Washington, DC
  2. Private Advisory Council roundtable at ASGA’s National Student Government Summit
  3. Lunch at the National Summit with ASGA Executive Director and speakers
  4. Monthly conference calls to share new ideas and suggestions
  5. Free ASGA lapel pin


ASGA Issue Brief

Issue_Brief_coverASGA Issue Briefs are similar to “legal briefs,” providing in-depth information and offering positions and opinions on current hot issues and trends facing Student Government leaders.


Student Leader magazine

t_slspring2007cStudent Leader was the premier magazine for college student leaders. Featuring tips from experts and peers across the country, its articles advise students on how to manage organizations ethically and effectively. As the official publication of the American Student Government Association, Student Leader’s staff frequently wrote and reported on Student Government-related issues, concerns, and solutions as well.


SG Article Library

Read hundreds of articles on Student Government issues that were published in Student Leader and Florida Leader magazines.


Ask the Experts

Have a Unique Problem or Question?

Dan_Maxwell_final_1Sometimes you have questions, concerns, or problems that are so specific to your institution or are so unusual that they warrant special personal attention.

That’s why we’ve recruited a panel of more than two dozen Student Government experts. Made up of veteran advisors, former super SG leaders, and top administrators, these experts are some of the nation’s premier authorities in their areas of SG expertise.

These panelists are committed to personally answering your questions.

Usually, our panelists reply within 24 to 48 hours. You’ll receive a personal reply by e-mail if your question is so specific that it won’t be useful to the other ASGA members.


For more information, call toll-free 1-877 ASK ASGA (1-877-275-2742) or write