Quick Facts

ASGA’s Objective & Overview

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• ASGA’s Objective
We aim to provide all SG officers and advisors with networking, research, and information resources to make them more effective, ethical, and influential leaders on their campuses.

• Association Overview
ASGA was founded in the spring of 2003 when the editors of Student Leader magazine, a national publication for campus leaders, determined that there was a need for an organization devoted exclusively to serving Student Governments.

Prior to ASGA’s official launch on March 17, 2004, the ASGA team gathered data from more than 225 Student Government leaders and advisors in order to develop our services and resources. ASGA now has hundreds of member institutions, produces SG training conferences, and consults with SGs nationwide.

To help Student Governments improve, ASGA provides:

• SG-specific leadership training and resources for officers and advisors.
• SG research and analysis, which can be conducted on your behalf regarding a specific issue.
• Examples of SG precedence, which we can compile to support your positions.
• Access to thousands of SG articles, documents, assessment tests, and profiles of successful programs.
• Membership in the largest SG-networking community in America.
• Pro-bono legal and lobbying advice.
• Multiple forums to share experiences and discuss pressing issues with peers.
• Personalized advice from top SG experts.

Every SG is unique and has its own problems and needs—many of which stem from the size and type of school itself. We take those differences into account when providing resources and making recommendations.

• Professional Competence
ASGA’s administrators have assembled an experienced group of SG advisors, student affairs professionals, and former SG leaders to speak at ASGA’s conferences and serve on the “ASGA Experts” panel. Using our collective knowledge of SG trends, precedence, and best practices combined with more than 300 years experience in the field, we help SGs maximize their productivity during their limited time in office.

• Increased Effectiveness and Productivity
ASGA members utilizing our resources have increased voter turnout at student elections, revamped SG documents and procedures, instituted successful new programs and services, increased attendance and participation, improved their images on campus, successfully negotiated for more funding, and worked more cooperatively with their administrations. We can provide an outside, objective view on your SG that will help you adopt positive changes and accomplish more realistic goals.

• Benefits of Membership
Having a strong and evolved SG on campus isn’t just about providing leadership opportunities for students and allowing them to manage some on-campus programs. It can help a school with recruitment, retention, as well as improve student and alumni involvement. Belonging to a professional association that exclusively serves SGs allows you to:

• Commiserate and learn from peers nationwide
• Learn about trends and best practices
• Get new ideas and tested solutions to problems
• Stay on the cutting edge of research in the field
• Avoid re-inventing the wheel, which ultimately saves you time and money
• Guide student leaders who act professionally and within university guidelines

Student affairs departments often belong to professional groups such as NACA, ACUHO, and NIC. ASGA is the SG-focused equivalent of those organizations, already connecting and serving hundreds of SGs across the nation.

For more information, call toll-free 1-877 ASK ASGA (1-877-275-2742) or write info@asgaonline.com.